Born: Jan­u­a­ry 28, 1834, Ex­e­ter, Eng­land.

Died: Jan­u­a­ry 2, 1924, Lew Tren­chard, De­von­shire, Eng­land.

Buried: In the church­yard across the road from his home at Lew Tren­chard.

Baring-Gould had one of the most bril­liant, ec­lec­tic minds of Vic­tor­i­an Eng­land. Born in­to the land­ed gen­try, he at­tend­ed schools in Ger­ma­ny and France, then went to Clare Coll­ege at Cam­bridge. He learned six lan­guag­es, en­tered the min­is­try at age 30, and pas­tored in York­shire, Es­sex, and Dev­on­shire.

He al­so found time to write over 100 books, in­clud­ing 30 nov­els and a mam­moth 16-vo­lume Lives of the Saints. His works cov­er a huge range of top­ics: the­ol­o­gy, folk­lore, so­cial com­ment­ary, trav­el & his­to­ry. One ac­count of his life states, “At one point there were more books list­ed un­der his name in the Brit­ish Mu­se­um Lib­rary than un­der that of any other Eng­lish writ­er.” But he was not just an au­thor: he was an ar­chae­ol­o­gist, ar­chi­tect, ar­tist, teach­er and a col­lect­or of Eng­lish folk songs. His fam­i­ly es­tate at Lew Trench­ard, near Dart­moor in Dev­on­shire, is now a ho­tel.



  1. Daily, Daily, Sing the Praises
  2. Hail the Sign, the Sign of Jesus
  3. Now the Day Is Over
  4. On the Resurrection Morning
  5. Onward, Christian Soldiers


  1. Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came, The
  2. Through the Night of Doubt and Sorrow


  1. Eudoxia