Born: June 20, June 1694, Randerup, South Juthlandia, Den­mark.

Died: June 3, June 1764, Ribe, Den­mark.

Buried: Ribe, Den­mark.

Son of a priest, Brorson stu­died the­ol­o­gy in Co­pen­ha­gen, and was or­dained in 1721. He served in Ran­der­up, Tön­der; as dean at Ribe Ca­thed­ral; and as Bi­shop at Ribe from 1741. He pub­lished a hymn book in 1732 in­clud­ing Christ­mas hymns, fol­lowed by others. He is one of the three great Danish hymn writ­ers be­sides Thomas Kingo and Nik­o­lai Grundt­vig.



  1. Den store hvide Flok vi se
  2. Her kom­mer, Je­sus di­na smaa
  3. O Hell­ig Aand! mit Hierte


  1. Hvorledes Skal Jeg Møde