Born: Au­gust 30, 1854, Ve­vey, Switz­er­land.

Died: No­vem­ber 12, 1932, Ve­vey, Switzerland.

Buried: Cul­ly (near Lau­sanne), Switz­er­land.

Budry stu­died the­ol­o­gy in Lau­sanne, Swit­zer­land, and pas­tored at Cul­ly and St. Croix (1881-1889). He then be­came pas­tor of the Free Church in Ve­vey, Swit­zer­land, for 35 years more, re­tir­ing in 1923. Be­sides writ­ing orig­in­al hymns, he trans­lat­ed Ger­man, Eng­lish, and La­tin lyrics into French. Some of his work ap­peared in Chants Evan­gél­iques (Lau­sanne, Swit­zer­land: 1885).



  1. Béni Soit le Lien
  2. Les Cieux et la Terre Célèbrent en Choeur
  3. Á Toi la Gloire

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