Born: Feb­ru­a­ry 3, 1832, Pres­ton, Con­nec­ti­cut.

Died: De­cem­ber 23, 1915, Rhode Is­land.

Buried: Spring Grove Cem­e­te­ry and Ar­bo­re­tum, Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio.

A gift­ed mu­si­cian, Doane helped di­rect mu­sic while at­tend­ing the Wood­stock Academy; with­in two years he had pub­lished his first com­po­si­tion. Al­though he called music his “avo­ca­tion,” he pro­duced over 2,000 hymn tunes in his life­time. How­ever, his main trade was sec­u­lar: He was pres­i­dent of the J. A. Fay wood­work­ing ma­chin­ery com­pa­ny, and an ex­treme­ly suc­cess­ful bus­i­ness­man. He al­so served as Sun­day School sup­er­in­tend­ent and choir di­rect­or at the Mount Au­burn Bap­tist Church in Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio, and be­queathed large sums to var­i­ous caus­es. The Doane Me­mor­i­al Mu­sic Build­ing in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois, was named af­ter him. His works in­clude:



  1. Like a Bird to Thee


  1. Adora­tion
  2. Alstyne
  3. Beautiful Vale of Rest
  4. Beautiful Witness
  5. Bethesda Is Open
  6. Bless This Hour of Pray­er
  7. Blessed Are They That Believe
  8. Blessed Feast, The
  9. Children Sing
  10. Choose Ye Today
  11. Christian Brother, o’er the Main
  12. Church of Christ, O Sleep No More
  13. City of Gold
  14. Come, Great Deliverer, Come!
  15. Cross of Jesus
  16. Dear Sabbath Home
  17. Do All the Good You Can
  18. Evangel
  19. Faith in Jesus
  20. Few More Marchings Weary, A
  21. First Commandment
  22. Good Old Way, The
  23. Hand in Hand
  24. Hark! There Comes a Whisper
  25. Help Us to Labor On
  26. Hide Me
  27. His Words Are True
  28. Hour by Hour
  29. I Am Thine, O Lord
  30. If Any Man Hear
  31. If I Come to Jesus
  32. Is It There?
  33. Jesus Calls Thee
  34. Jesus Is Passing This Way
  35. Jesus Was a Child Like Me
  36. Just a Word for Jesus
  37. Keep Me Wholly Thine
  38. King of Zion
  39. Labor On
  40. Lay It Down
  41. Let Your Light Shine Out
  42. Like a Bird to Thee
  43. Lion of Judah, The
  44. Moments of Pray­er
  45. More Like Jesus
  46. More Love to Thee, O Christ
  47. My Precious Bi­ble
  48. Near the Cross
  49. Never Will I Cease to Love Him
  50. No Tears in Heaven
  51. Only a Little Way
  52. Only a Step
  53. Only One Name
  54. Only Thy Garment’s Hem
  55. Our Festive Song
  56. Out of Bondage
  57. Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior
  58. Patriot’s Prayer, The
  59. Pilgrim’s Journey, The
  60. Precious Name
  61. Preston
  62. Pure Within
  63. Rescue
  64. Rest over Jordan
  65. Sacred Fountain
  66. Safe in the Arms of Jesus
  67. Saved by the Blood
  68. Savior, More Than Life
  69. Some Sweet Day, By and By
  70. Sound the Alarm!
  71. Speed for Thy Life
  72. Stand by the Right
  73. They That Overcome
  74. Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet
  75. ’Tis Not Far to Jesus
  76. ’Tis the Blessed Hour of Pray­er
  77. To God Be the Glory
  78. To Jesus I Will Go
  79. To the Work
  80. Too Late
  81. Tread Softly
  82. Tried and True
  83. Trust in the Promise
  84. Trusting Jesus
  85. Vision
  86. We All Can Do Something for Jesus
  87. We Praise Thee
  88. Welcome Hour of Prayer
  89. We’ll Battle to the End
  90. We’ll Give Our Hearts to Jesus
  91. What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do?
  92. When the Burden Bearer Came
  93. Why Do the Ho­ly Angels Sing?
  94. Will Jesus Find Us Watching?