Born: February 24, 1791, In­nri-Njarð­vík, Gull­bring­usýsla, Iceland.

Died: August 17, 1852.

Egilsson taught Greek and his­to­ry. A dis­tin­guished au­thor­i­ty on ear­ly Ice­land­ic lit­er­a­ture, as wit­nessed by his work on the Prose Ed­da and his Lex­i­con Po­et­i­cum (a dic­tion­a­ry of the vo­cab­u­la­ry of skald­ic po­e­try). In ad­di­tion, he was a po­et and trans­lat­or, pro­duc­ing Ice­land­ic ver­sions of the Il­i­ad and Odys­sey that are still re­gard­ed as class­ics.


  1. Heims Um Ból

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