Born: Cir­ca 530, Ce­ne­da (near Tre­vi­so), Ita­ly.

Died: 609, Poi­ti­ers, France.

Fortunatus con­vert­ed to Chris­ti­an­i­ty at an ear­ly age, at Aqui­le­ia. While a stu­dent at Ra­ven­na, he be­came al­most blind, but re­cov­ered his sight, as he be­lieved mi­ra­cu­lous­ly, by anoint­ing his eyes with oil tak­en from a lamp that burned be­fore the al­tar of St. Mar­tin of Tours. His re­cov­ery in­duced him to make a pil­grim­age to the shrine of St. Martin at Tours, in 565. He re­mained in Gaul the rest of his life.

At Poitiers, he formed a ro­man­tic, though pure­ly pla­ton­ic, at­tach­ment for Queen Rha­de­gun­da, daugh­ter of Bertharius, king of Neu­stria. As a re­sult of her in­flu­ence, For­tu­na­tus was event­u­al­ly or­dained and, af­ter Rha­de­gun­da’s death, be­came bishop of Poi­tiers shor­tly be­fore his own death in 609.



  1. Pan­ge lin­g­ua glor­i­o­si proe­li­um cer­tam­in­is
  2. Quem ter­ra, pon­tus, ae­the­ra
  3. Sal­ve fes­ta di­es toto ven­er­a­bi­lis ae­vo
  4. See the Des­tined Day Arise
  5. Vexilla Regis

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