Born: Feb­ru­a­ry 14, 1714, Hard­ing­stone (near North­amp­ton), Eng­land.

Died: De­cem­ber 25, 1758.

Son of the rec­tor of West­on-Fa­vell and Coll­ing­tree, di­o­cese of Pe­ter­bo­rough, Her­vey was ed­u­cat­ed at the Free Gram­mar School, North­am­pton, and Lin­coln Coll­ege, Ox­ford. At Ox­ford, he had John Wes­ley, then a Fel­low of Lin­coln, as his tu­tor. Or­dained in 1736, he as­sist­ed his fa­ther for a short time, then be­came Cur­ate of Dum­mer. Af­ter a year there, he moved to De­von­shire, first as guest of a Mr. Or­chard, at Stoke Ab­bey, and then be­came Cur­ate of Bid­e­ford. In 1742, he left Bid­e­ford and re­joined his fa­ther, whom he suc­ceed­ed as Rec­tor of West­on-Fa­vell and Coll­ing­tree in 1742. His works in­clude:



  1. Make the Extended Skies Your Tomb
  2. Since All the Downward Tracts of Time