Born: Ju­ly 24, 1819, Bel­cher­town, Mass­a­chu­setts.

Died: Oc­to­ber 12, 1881, New York.

Buried: Spring­field, Mass­a­chu­setts.

Holland start­ed his ca­reer as a doc­tor, but switched to teach­ing, and fin­al­ly be­came an ed­it­or. He was on the ed­it­or­i­al staff of the Spring­field, Mass­a­chu­setts, Re­pub­li­can un­til 1866, where he wrote the col­umn of “Tim­o­thy Tit­comb Le­tters.” He al­so helped found Scribner’s Mag­a­zine, and worked there un­til his death. He some­how found time to write a num­ber of no­vels and vol­umes of po­e­try. His works in­clude:



  1. There’s a Song in the Air