Died: Oc­to­ber 5, 1873.

Main, a sing­ing school teach­er, part­nered with Lu­ci­us Big­low to take over Will­iam Brad­bury’s bu­si­ness in 1867, form­ing the well known Biglow & Main pub­lish­ing house. His son was Hu­bert Main.

Among the play­mates who used to ga­ther on the vill­age green was Syl­ves­ter Main, who was two or three years old­er than I. He was a prime fa­vo­rite with the gent­ler sex, for he used to pro­tect us from the an­noy­anc­es of more mis­chiev­ous boys. In the au­tumn of 1834 mo­ther and I left Ridge­field and went to live again in West­ches­ter Coun­ty; and I then bade my friend, Sy­l­ves­ter, adieu. Not un­til thir­ty years lat­er did we meet again, this time, strange­ly enough, in the of­fice of Wil­liam B. Brad­bu­ry with whom he was af­ter­wards a bus­i­ness part­ner; and from 1864 to the time of his death in 1873 we worked to­ge­ther con­stant­ly.



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