Died: Ap­ril 24, 1928, Canterbury, Eng­land.

Third son of G. W. Ma­son, of Mor­ton Hall, Not­ting­ham­shire, Ma­son was ed­u­cat­ed at Trin­ity Coll­ege, Cam­bridge (BA in hon­ors, 1872; DD 1890). He be­came a Fel­low of his col­lege in 1873, and As­sist­ant Tu­tor in 1874. Or­dained in 1874, he served as Vi­car of All-Hal­lows, Barking, Lon­don (1884), and as of 1891 was Hon­or­a­ble Can­on and Can­on Mis­sion­er of Truro, Corn­wall. In 1895 he be­came La­dy Mar­ga­ret Pro­fess­or of Di­vin­i­ty at Cam­bridge and Fel­low of Je­sus Coll­ege. He al­so served as Mas­ter of Pem­broke Coll­ege (1903-1912), and Vice Chan­cel­lor of the Un­i­ver­si­ty (1908-1910). His works in­clude:



  1. Church of the Liv­ing God
  2. Hail, Body True
  3. Life-Long Task Was Done, The
  4. Look Down upon Us, God of Grace
  5. O God, to Know That Thou Art Just


  1. Not a Thought of Earthly Things!
  2. O Jesu, Blessed Lord, to Thee