Born: Ap­ril 15, 1862, Penns­ville, Ohio.

Died: Ju­ly 23, 1929, Au­burn, New York (at her daugh­ter’s home).

Buried: Mc­Con­nels­ville, Ohio.

As a child, Leila lived in Mal­ta and McCon­nels­ville, Ohio. In 1881, she mar­ried Charles H. Morris. Leila was ac­tive in the Meth­od­ist church, camp meet­ings, and song writ­ing, au­thor­ing more than 1,000 Gospel songs. When her eyes be­gan to fail in 1913, her son built a 28-foot black­board with over­sized staff lines, so she could con­tin­ue com­pos­ing.



  1. Bring Your Vessels, Not a Few
  2. Can the World See Jesus in You?
  3. Conflict of the Ages, The
  4. Crown Him
  5. Do Your Best
  6. Fight Is On, The
  7. For a Worldwide Revival
  8. For the Whole Wide World
  9. Fully Surrendered
  10. His Grace Is Sufficient for Me
  11. Holiness unto the Lord
  12. I Know God’s Promise is True
  13. In His Keeping
  14. Let Jesus Come into Your Heart
  15. Nearer, Still Nearer
  16. O Magnify the Lord with Me
  17. Pilot of Galilee, The
  18. Sanctifying Power
  19. Sweet Will of God
  20. Sweeter as the Years Go By
  21. There’s Only One Way
  22. ’Tis Marvelous and Wonderful (© 1919)
  23. Victory All the Time
  24. What if It Were Today?
  25. Who Is This Man of Sorrows?
  26. Wounded for Our Transgressions