Born: Ju­ly 24, 1725, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Died: De­cem­ber 21, 1807, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Buried: Orig­in­al­ly at St. Ma­ry Wool­noth Church, Lom­bard Street, Lon­don. In 1893, New­ton and his wife Ma­ry were re­in­terred in the south­east cor­ner of the grave­yard at St. Pe­ter and St. Paul’s Church, Ol­ney.

Pseudonym: Om­i­cron.

Newton’s mo­ther died when he was sev­en years old. At age 11, with but two years school­ing and on­ly a rud­i­men­tary know­ledge of Latin, John went to sea with his fa­ther. His life at sea was filled with won­der­ful es­capes, viv­id dreams, and a sail­or’s reck­less­ness. He grew into a god­less and aban­doned man. He was once flogged as a de­sert­er from the na­vy, and for 15 months lived, half starved and ill treated, as a slave in Africa.

A chance read­ing of Thom­as à Kemp­is sowed the seed of his con­ver­sion. It was ac­cel­er­at­ed by a night spent steer­ing a wa­ter­logged ship in the face of ap­par­ent death. He was then 23 years old. Over the next six years, dur­ing which he com­mand­ed a slave ship, his faith ma­tured. He spent the next nine years most­ly in Li­ver­pool, stu­dy­ing He­brew and Greek and ming­ling with White­field, Wes­ley, and the Non­con­form­ists. He was even­tu­al­ly or­dained, and be­came cur­ate at Ol­ney, Buck­ing­ham­shire, in 1764. It was at Ol­ney that he formed a life long friend­ship with Wil­liam Cow­per, and pro­duced the Ol­ney Hymns.

A mar­ble plaque at St. Mary Wool­noth car­ried the epi­taph which New­ton him­self wrote:

Once an infidel and libertine
A servant of slaves in Africa,
Was, by the rich mercy of our Lord and Saviour
restored, pardoned, and ap­point­ed to preach
the Gospel which he had long laboured to destroy.
He min­is­tered,
Near sixteen years in Ol­ney, in Bucks,
And twenty-eight years in this Church.



  1. Afflictions Do Not Come Alone
  2. Afflictions, Though They Seem Severe
  3. Ah, What Can I Do?
  4. Alas! By Nature How Depraved
  5. Alas! Elisha’s Servant Cried
  6. Although on Massy Pillars Built
  7. Amazing Grace
  8. And Dost Thou Say
  9. Approach, My Soul, the Mercy Seat
  10. As Needles Point Towards the Pole
  11. As Once for Jonah, So the Lord
  12. As Parched in the Barren Sands
  13. As Some Tall Rock Amidst the Waves
  14. As the Serpent Raised by Moses
  15. As the Sun’s Enliv’ning Eye
  16. As When the Weary Traveler Gains
  17. Be Still, My Heart! These Anxious Cares
  18. Before Elisha’s Gate
  19. Begone Unbelief
  20. Behold the Throne of Grace
  21. Believer, Free from Care, A
  22. Beneath the tyrant Satan’s Yoke
  23. Beside the Gospel Pool
  24. Bitter, Indeed, the Waters Are
  25. Bleak Winter Is Subdued at Length
  26. Blinded in Youth by Satan’s Arts
  27. Book of Nature Open Lies, The
  28. By Faith in Christ I Walk with God
  29. By the Poor Widow’s Oil and Meal
  30. By Various Maxims, Forms and Rules
  31. Castle of the Human Heart, The
  32. Cheer Up, My Soul, There Is a Mercy-Seat
  33. Chief Shepherd of Thy Chosen Sheep
  34. Come, My Soul, Thy Suit Prepare
  35. Confirm the Hope Thy Word Allows
  36. Constrained by Their Lord to Embark
  37. Could the Creatures Help or Ease Us
  38. Courage, My Soul! Behold the Prize
  39. Church a Garden Is, The
  40. Darkness Overspreads Us Here
  41. Day of Judgment! Day of Wonders!
  42. Destruction’s Dangerous Road
  43. Does It Not Grief, and Wonder Move
  44. Does the Gospel Word Proclaim
  45. Encouraged by Thy Word
  46. Elijah’s Example Declares
  47. Elisha, Struck with Grief and Awe
  48. Ensnared, Too Long, My Heart Has Been
  49. Evils That Beset Our Path, The
  50. Father, Forgive, the Savior Said
  51. Father of Angels and of Men
  52. Father We Adore, The
  53. Fervent, Persevering Pray­ers
  54. Fix My Heart and Eyes on Thine!
  55. For Mercies, Countless as the Sands
  56. Forest Beasts, That Live by Prey
  57. From Egypt Lately Freed
  58. From Pole to Pole Let Others Roam
  59. From Sheba a Distant Report
  60. Garden Contempla­tion Suits, A
  61. Gathering Clouds, with Aspect Dark, The
  62. Gladness Was Spread Through Israel’s Host
  63. Glance from Heav’n, with Sweet Effect, A
  64. Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken
  65. Glory to God, the Father’s Name
  66. God Who Once to Israel Spoke, The
  67. God, with One Piercing Glance, Looks Through
  68. Grass and Flowers Which Clothe the Field, The
  69. Great Shepherd of Thy Chosen Flock
  70. Happy Are They, to Whom the Lord
  71. Happy the Birth Where Grace Presides
  72. Hark! How Time’s Wide Sounding Bell
  73. He Who on Earth as Man Was Known
  74. Hear What the Lord, the Great Amen
  75. Here at Bethesda’s Pool
  76. Honey Though the Bee Prepares
  77. How Blest the Righteous Are
  78. How David, When by Sin Deceived
  79. How Hurtful Was the Choice of Lot
  80. How Kind the Good Samaritan
  81. How Lost Was My Condition
  82. How Soon the Savior’s Gracious Call
  83. How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds
  84. How Tedious and Tasteless
  85. How Welcome to the saints, When Pressed
  86. Hungry, and Faint, and Poor
  87. I Am, Saith Christ, Our Glorious Head
  88. I Asked the Lord That I Might Grow
  89. I Thirst, but Not as Once I Did
  90. I Would, but Cannot Sing
  91. Ice and Snow We Lately Saw, The
  92. If for a Time the Air Be Calm
  93. If Paul in Caesar’s Court Must Stand
  94. If Solomon for Wisdom Prayed
  95. If the Lord Our Leader Be
  96. If to Jesus for Relief
  97. In Evil Long I Took Delight
  98. In Mercy, Not in Wrath, Rebuke
  99. In Themselves, as Weak as Worms
  100. In Vain My Fancy Strives to Paint
  101. Incarnate God! The Soul That Knows
  102. Jesus Christ, the Lord’s Anointed
  103. Jesus Is Mine! I’m Now Prepared
  104. Jesus, to What Didst Thou Submit
  105. Jesus, Who Bought Us with His Blood
  106. John in Vision Saw the Day
  107. Joy Is a Fruit That Will Not Grow
  108. Kindle, Savior, in My Heart
  109. Kindred in Christ, for His Dear Sake
  110. Kine Unguided Went, The
  111. Legion Was My Name by Nature
  112. Let Hearts and Tongues Unite
  113. Let Me Dwell on Golgotha
  114. Let Us Adore the Grace That Seeks
  115. Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder
  116. Let Worldly Minds the World Pursue
  117. Lion, Though by Nature Wild, A
  118. Lion That on Sampson Roared, The
  119. Lord, Our Salva­tion and Light, The
  120. Lord, Thou Hast Won, at Length I Yield
  121. Lord, What Is Man! Extremes How Wide
  122. Manna Favored Israel’s Meat, The
  123. Manna to Israel Well Supplied
  124. Martha Her Love and Joy Expressed
  125. Mary to Her Savior’s Tomb
  126. May the Grace of Christ Our Savior
  127. Mercy, Oh Thou Son of Da­vid
  128. Message First to Smyrna Sent, The
  129. Moon Has but a Borrowed Light, The
  130. Moon in Silver Glory Shone, The
  131. My Barns Are Full, My Stores Increase
  132. My Former Hopes Are Dead
  133. My God! How Perfect Are Thy Ways
  134. My Harp Untuned, and Laid Aside
  135. My Soul Is Beset
  136. My Soul Once Had Its Plenteous Years
  137. My Soul, This Curious House of Clay
  138. Nay, I Cannot Let Thee Go
  139. No Words Can Declare
  140. Not to Sinai’s Dreadful Blaze
  141. Now, Gracious Lord, Thine Arm Reveal
  142. Now Let Us Join with Hearts and Tongues
  143. Now, Lord, Inspire the Preach­er’s Heart
  144. Now May Fervent Pray­er Arise
  145. Now May He Who from the Dead
  146. Now May the Lord Reveal His Face
  147. O Da­vid’s Son, and Da­vid’s Lord
  148. O Happy They Who Know the Lord
  149. O How I Love Thy Ho­ly Word
  150. O Lord, How Vile Am I
  151. O Lord, Our Languid Souls Inspire
  152. O, May the Power Which Melts the Rock
  153. O, Speak That Gracious Word Again
  154. O Thou, at Whose Almighty Word
  155. Oft as the Bell, with Solemn Toll
  156. Oft as the Leper’s Case I Read
  157. Oft in Vain the Voice of Truth
  158. Often Thy Pub­lic Means of Grace
  159. On Man, in His Own Image Made
  160. On the Same Flower We Often See
  161. On What Has Now Been Sown
  162. Once a Woman Silent Stood
  163. Once Perishing in Blood I Lay
  164. Once, While We Aimed at Zion’s Songs
  165. One Awful Word Which Jesus Spoke
  166. One Glance of Thine, Eternal Lord
  167. One There Is, above All Others
  168. Oppressed with Unbelief and Sin
  169. Our Lord, Who Knows Full Well
  170. Peace Which God Alone Reveals, The
  171. Pensive, Doubting, Fearful Heart
  172. Physician of My Sin Sick Soul
  173. Pleasing Spring Again Is Here
  174. Poor Esau Repented Too Late
  175. Poor Sinners! Little Do They Think
  176. Poor, Weak and Worthless Though I Am
  177. Pray­er an Answer Will Obtain
  178. Preach­ers May, from Ezekiel’s Case
  179. Precious Bi­ble! What a Treasure
  180. Prepare a Thankful Song
  181. Prophets’ Sons, in Time of Old, The
  182. Quiet, Lord, My Froward Heart
  183. Refreshed by the Bread and Wine
  184. Rejoice, Believer, in the Lord
  185. Remem­ber Us, We Pray Thee, Lord
  186. Return to Bless My Waiting Eyes
  187. Safely Through Another Week
  188. Saints Em­man­u­el’s Portion Are, The
  189. Salva­tion! What a Glorious Plan
  190. Saved by Blood I Live to Tell
  191. Savior Calls His People Sheep, The
  192. Savior Shine and Cheer My Soul
  193. Savior, Visit Thy Planta­tion
  194. See Aaron, God’s Anointed Priest
  195. See! Another Year Is Gone!
  196. See, How Rude Winter’s Icy Hand
  197. See! The Corn Again in Ear!
  198. See the Gloomy Gathering Cloud
  199. See, the World for Youth Prepares
  200. Shall Men Pretend to Pleasure
  201. Shelter from the Rain or Wind, A
  202. Shunemite, Oppressed with Grief, The
  203. Sight, Hearing, Feeling, Taste and Smell
  204. Signs Which God to Gideon Gave, The
  205. Simon, Beware! the Savior Said
  206. Sin, When Viewed by Scripture Light
  207. Sinner, Art Thou Still Secure?
  208. Sinner, Hear the Savior’s Call
  209. Son of God! Thy People’s Shield
  210. Sovereign Grace Has Power Alone
  211. Stop, Poor Sinner! Stop and Think
  212. Strange and Mysterious Is My Life
  213. Subtle Spider Often Weaves, The
  214. Supported by the Word
  215. Sweet Was the Time When First I Felt
  216. Sweeter Sounds Than Mu­sic Knows
  217. Ten Thousand Talents Once I Owed
  218. That Man No Guard or Weapons Needs
  219. That Was a Wonder Working Word
  220. Then the Apostle Wonders Wrought
  221. Though Cloudy Skies and Northern Blasts
  222. Though in the Outward Church Below
  223. Though the Morn May Be Serene
  224. Though Jericho Pleasantly Stood
  225. Though Small the Drops of Falling Rain
  226. Though Sore Beset with Guilt and Fear
  227. Though Troubles Assail Us
  228. Thus Saith the Ho­ly One, and True
  229. Thus Saith the Lord to Ephesus
  230. Thy Mansion Is the Christian’s Heart
  231. Thy Message, by the Preach­er, Seal
  232. Thy Promise, Lord, and Thy Command
  233. Time, by Moments, Steals Away
  234. Time, with an Unwearied Hand
  235. ’Tis a Point I Long to Know
  236. ’Tis Past—The Dreadful Stormy Night
  237. To Thee Our ants Are Known
  238. Unbelief the Soul Dismays
  239. Uncertain How the Way to Find
  240. Unless the Lord Had Been My Stay
  241. Water Stood Like Walls of Brass, The
  242. We Seek a Rest Beyond the Skies
  243. Wearied by Day with Toils and Cares
  244. What a Mournful Life Is Mine
  245. What Contradictions Meet
  246. What Think You of Christ? Is the Test
  247. When a Black Overspreading Cloud
  248. When Adam Fell
  249. When Any Turn from Zion’s Way
  250. When Descending from the Sky
  251. When First My Soul Enlisted
  252. When First to Make My Heart His Own
  253. When Hannah, Pressed with Grief
  254. When Israel by Divine Command
  255. When Israel Heard the Fiery Law
  256. When Israel Was from Egypt Freed
  257. When Israel’s Tribes Were Parched with Thirst
  258. When Jesus Claims the Sinner’s Heart
  259. When Joseph His Brethren Beheld
  260. When Joshua, by God’s Command
  261. When Moses Waved His Mystic Rod
  262. When My Pray­ers Are a Burden and Task
  263. When My Savior, My Shepherd Is Near
  264. When on the Cross, My Lord I See
  265. When Paul Was Parted from His Friends
  266. When Peter Boasted, Soon He Fell
  267. When Peter Through the Tedious Night
  268. When Sinners Utter Boasting Words
  269. When Slumber Seals Our Weary Eyes
  270. When the Beloved Disciple Took
  271. When the Disciples Crossed the Lake
  272. When the Poor Prisoner Through a Grate
  273. When the Sun, with Cheerful Beams
  274. When the Wounded Spirit Hears
  275. While I Lived Without the Lord
  276. While Joshua Led the Armed Bands
  277. While with Ceaseless Course the Sun
  278. Why Should I Fear the Darkest Hour
  279. Wishes That the Sluggard Frames, The
  280. With Israel’s God Who Can Compare?
  281. With Satan, My Accuser, Near
  282. Word from Jesus Calms the Sea, A
  283. Word of Christ, Our Lord, The
  284. Worldling Spent Each Day, A
  285. Ye Saints on Earth Ascribe with Heav’n’s High Host
  286. Yes! Since God Himself Has Said It
  287. Zaccheus Climbed the Tree
  288. Zeal Is That Pure and Heav’nly Flame
  289. Zion! The City of Our God