Born: Cir­ca 1764, India.

Died: Au­gust 22, 1822, Cal­cut­ta, In­dia (of chol­e­ra).

Buried: Cal­cut­ta, In­dia.

In the late 18th Cen­tu­ry, Krish­na Pal heard the Gos­pel be­cause of a brok­en limb, which a mis­sion­ary set for him. Af­ter the man of God ad­min­is­tered sur­gi­cal aid, he spoke to Pal of the more aw­ful di­sease of sin, and of God’s good­ness in prov­id­ing a great Phy­si­cian. Pal was much af­fect­ed by the sto­ry of the cross; he soon af­ter pro­fessed faith in Christ and was bap­tized in the River Gan­ges, near the mis­sion­ary res­i­dence at Se­ram­pore, In­dia. Dur­ing the bap­tism, Grigg’s hymn Je­sus, and Shall It Ever Be was sung in Ben­ga­li.

Pal not on­ly built him­self a house for wor­ship, but in 1804, was set apart for the work of the min­is­try. Dr. Ca­ry des­cribed him as “a stea­dy, zeal­ous, well-in­formed, and I may add, el­o­quent min­is­ter of the gos­pel, av­er­ag­ing twelve to four­teen ser­mons a week. In such self de­ny­ing la­bors he con­tin­ued for 20 years at the small sal­a­ry of six dol­lars a month.” Ano­ther said of Pal:

This man, then at the prime of age, be­came an em­i­nent Christ­ian, en­gaged in the min­is­try, which he pur­sued for ma­ny years, bap­tized ma­ny hun­dreds of con­vert­ed idol­a­ters, and then died tri­umph­ant in the Lord Je­sus. Joy­ful­ly did he bear wit­ness that the ser­vice of Christ “was the work of love,” and that in it “he got no­thing but joy and com­fort.” He wrote two or three hymns, one of which con­tinues to be sung in In­dia in the Ben­gal­ee lang­uage, in which it was com­posed; and a part of it, trans­lat­ed in­to Eng­lish, is print­ed in most of our books.



  1. O Thou, My Soul, Forget No More