Born: 348, Spain (ei­ther at Sar­a­gos­sa, Tar­ra­go­na, or Cal­a­hor­ra).

Died: Probably around 413.

Prudentius (whose name is some­times shown with a pre­fix of “Marcus”), was ev­i­dent­ly born in­to the up­per class. Af­ter work­ing as a law­yer, he served a judge. At age 57, he re­tired and be­gan to write sac­red po­et­ry. His works in­clude:



  1. Ades Pater Supreme
  2. Ales diei nuntius
  3. Beata martyr, prospera
  4. Corde natus ex parentis
  5. Cultor Dei memento
  6. Deus ignee fons animarum
  7. Lux ecce surgit aurea
  8. Nox et tenebrae et nubila
  9. O sola magnarum urbium
  10. Salvete flores martyrum