Born: May 22, 1724, Id­stein, Nass­au, Ger­ma­ny.

Died: Au­gust 27, 1782, Herrn­hut, Ger­ma­ny.

Henriette was the daugh­ter of Georg Hein­rich von Hayn, mas­ter of the hounds to the Duke of Nassau. In 1746, she was for­mal­ly re­ceived in­to the Mo­rav­i­an com­mun­i­ty at Herrn­haag. There, and af­ter the dis­so­lu­tion of that com­mun­i­ty, at Gross­hen­ners­dorf, and af­ter 1751 at Herrn­hut, she taught at the Girls’ School; af­ter 1766 she cared for the in­va­lid sis­ters of the com­mun­i­ty.

Von Hayn was a gift­ed hymn­ist. Over 40 hymns or por­tions of hymns by her were in­cluded in the Brüder Ge­sang­buch of 1778.


  1. Weil ich Je­su Schäflein bin