Born: 1496, in a vil­lage near Co­la (per­haps Kahla, or else Cöl­le­da, near Sachs­en­burg), Thu­rin­gia.

Died: Ap­ril 24, 1570, Torgau.

By 1524, Wal­ther was in Tor­gau, play­ing the bass at the court of Fried­rich the Wise, Elect­or of Sax­o­ny. Elect­or Jo­hann of Sax­o­ny made him Seng­er­meis­ter (choir­mas­ter) in 1526. When the Elect­or­al Ka­pel­le (or­ches­tra) at Tor­gau was dis­band­ed in 1530, it was re­con­sti­tut­ed by the town, and in 1534 Wal­ther was al­so ap­point­ed can­tor to the school at Tor­gau. On the ac­cess­ion of Elect­or Mo­ritz of Sax­o­ny in 1548, Wal­ther went with him to Dres­den as his Ka­pell­meis­ter. He was pen­sioned by de­cree of Au­gust 7, 1554, and soon af­ter re­turned to Tor­gau, re­tain­ing the title of Seng­er­meis­ter.



  1. Der Bräut’gam wird bald rufen
  2. Herzlich Lieb hab ich dich, mein Gott
  3. Herzlich tut mich er­freu­en
  4. Thy Word, O God, De­clar­eth


  1. Christ Un­ser Herr
  2. Herzlich Tut Mich Er­freu­en
  3. Nun Komm