Born: 1590, Dom­nau (near Kö­nigs­berg), Preuss­en (Pruss­ia).

Died: Au­gust 1, 1635, Kö­nigs­berg, Prussia.

Georg was the son of Jo­hann Weiss­el, judge and lat­er Bür­ger­meis­ter at Dom­nau. Georg stu­died at the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Kö­nigs­berg (1608-1611), then for short periods at Wit­ten­berg, Leip­zig, Je­na, Strass­burg, Ba­sel, and Mar­burg. In 1614, he was ap­point­ed rec­tor of the school at Fried­land, near Dom­nau, but re­signed this post af­ter three years and re­turned to Kö­nigs­berg to re­sume his stu­dies in the­ol­o­gy. Fin­al­ly, in 1623, he be­came pas­tor of the new­ly built Alt­ross­gart church in Kö­nigs­berg, where he stayed the rest of his life.



  1. Im fin­stern Stall, o Wun­der gross
  2. Macht hoch die Thür
  3. Such’, wer da will, ein ander Ziel
  4. Wo ist dein Stach­el nun, o Tod?