Words: (972-1031) (Ve­ni, Sanc­te Spir­it­us); trans­lat­ed from La­tin to Eng­lish by , 1858, in his Po­et­ic­al Works (New York: 1876).

Music: Oliv­et (Ma­son), , 1831. Al­ter­nate tunes:

  • Braun, Jo­hann G. Braun, 1675
  • Italian Hymn, , 1769
  • New Ha­ven, , 1832

Come, Holy Ghost, in love, shed on us from above
Thine own bright ray! Divinely good Thou art;
Thy sacred gifts impart to gladden each sad heart.
O come today!

Come, tenderest Friend, and best, our most delightful Guest,
With soothing power. Rest, which the weary know,
Shade, mid the noontide glow. Peace when deep griefs overflow.
Cheer us this hour!

Come, Light serene and still, our inmost bosoms fill,
Dwell in each breast. We know no dawn but Thine;
Send forth Thy beams divine on our dark souls to shine
And make us blessed.

Exalt our low desires, extinguish passion’s fires,
Heal every wound. Our stubborn spirits bend,
Our icy coldness end, our devious steps attend
While heavenward bound.

Come, all the faithful bless, let all who Christ confess
His praise employ; give virtue’s rich reward,
Victorious death accord, and, with our glorious Lord,
Eternal joy!