Words: , 1843.

Music: Hein­lein, Nürn­berg­isch­es Ge­sang­buch, 1676; mel­o­dy at­trib­ut­ed to (1654-1681), har­m­o­ny by (1823-1889).

Holy Father, hear my cry;
Holy Savior, bend Thine ear;
Holy Spirit, come Thou nigh;
Father, Savior, Spirit, hear.

Father, save me from my sin;
Savior, I Thy mercy crave;
Gracious Spirit, make me clean:
Father, Savior, Spirit, save.

Father, let me taste Thy love;
Savior, fill my soul with peace;
Spirit, come my heart to move:
Father, Son, and Spirit, bless.

Father, Son, and Spirit—Thou
One Jehovah, shed abroad
All Thy grace within me now;
Be my Father and my God.