Words: , Short Hymns, 1762.

Music: Cha­pel Roy­al, , in A Col­lect­ion of Mel­o­dies for the Psalms of Da­vid, cir­ca 1765. Al­ter­nate tune:

  • Old 113th, at­trib­ut­ed to , 1525

If death my friend and me divide,
Thou dost not, Lord, my sorrow chide,
Or frown my tears to see;
Restrained from passionate excess,
Thou bidst me mourn in calm distress
For them that rest in Thee.

I feel a strong immortal hope,
Which bears my mournful spirit up
Beneath its mountain load;
Redeemed from death, and grief, and pain,
I soon shall find my friend again
Within the arms of God.

Pass a few fleeting moments more
And death the blessing shall restore
Which death has snatched away;
For me Thou wilt the summons send,
And give me back my parted friend
In that eternal day.