Words: (1745-1826).

Music: Sol­o­mon, from the air “What Tho’ I Trace,” by .

If you know when this hymn was writ­ten

I Love the Lord; He heard my voice,
And owned my humble prayer:
He makes my broken heart rejoice:
He makes my soul His care.

When hosts of foes beset me round,
And threatened to destroy,
In Him the wished relief I found;
My heart revived with joy.

The pains of hell, and fears of death,
Encompassed me around;
To Him I cried with faltering breath,
And full deliverance found.

Long as I live, I’ll bless His Name,
And triumph in His Word;
By Him alone salvation came,
Who is the mighty Lord.

Trust ye the Lord, nor yield to fear;
On His rich love depend:
He will preserve you while you’re here,
And save you to the end.