Words: , in the Ut­to­ex­e­ter Col­lect­ion, 1805, where it was part of a long­er hymn, “Bless’d with the Pre­sence of their God.” The ver­sion below first ap­peared as a sep­a­rate hymn in R. Whit­ting­ham’s Col­lect­ion (Pot­ton: 1835).

Music: St. Pe­ter (Rein­a­gle), , Psalm Tunes for the Voice and Pi­a­no­for­te (Ox­ford, Eng­land: 1836).

In memory of the Savior’s love
We keep the sacred feast,
When every humble, contrite heart
Is made a welcome guest.

Symbolic of His broken flesh,
We take the broken bread,
The cup in token of His blood
That was for sinners shed.

Under His banner now we sing
The wonders of His love
And so anticipate by faith
The heav’nly feast above.