Words: Mrs. E. E. Williams.

Music: .

If you know when the words or mu­sic were writ­ten, the au­thor’s full name, or where to get a pic­ture of her or Hen­ry Gil­mour

I have made my choice forever; I will walk with Christ my Lord.
Naught from Him my soul can sever while I’m trusting in His Word.
I the lonely ways have taken, rough and toilsome though it be;
And although despised, forsaken, Jesus I’ll go through with Thee.

Though the garden lies before me, and the scornful judgment hall,
Though the gloom of deepest midnight settles round me like a pall,
Darkness can affright me never; from Thy presence shadows flee.
And if Thou wilt guide me ever, Jesus, I’ll go through with Thee.

Though the earth may rock and tremble, though the sun may hide its face,
Though my foes may be strong and ruthless, still I dare to trust Thy grace.
Though the cross my path o’ershadow, Thou didst bear it once for me.
And whate’er the pain or peril, Jesus, I’ll go through with Thee.

When the conflict here is ended, and the weary journey done;
When the last grim foe is conquered, and the final victory won;
When the pearly gates swing open, and an entrance full and free
Shall be granted to the victors, Jesus, I’ll go through with Thee.