Words: , Altar Stones, 1853.

Music: St. Jo­seph, (1839-1924).

Jesus wept! those tears are over,
But His heart is still the same;
Kinsman, Friend, and elder Brother,
Is His everlasting Name.
Savior, who can love like Thee,
Gracious One of Bethany?

When the pangs of trial seize us,
When the waves of sorrow roll,
I will lay my head on Jesus,
Refuge of the troubled soul.
Surely, none can feel like Thee,
Weeping One of Bethany!

Jesus wept! and still in glory,
He can mark each mourner’s tear;
Loving to retrace the story
Of the hearts He solaced here.
Lord, when I am called to die,
Let me think of Bethany.

Jesus wept! that tear of sorrow
Is a legacy of love;
Yesterday, today, tomorrow,
He the same doth ever prove,
Thou art all in all to me,
Loving One of Bethany!

The usually omitted first stanza is:

Who is this in silence bending
O’er a dark sepulchral cave?
Sympathetic sorrow blending
With the tears around that grave?
Christ the Lord is standing by,
At the tomb of Bethany.

In addition, MacDuff’s origin­al last line read “Liv­ing One of Be­tha­ny!”