Words: Par­a­phrase of Psalm 23; au­thor un­known.

Music: Ew­ing, , 1853.

Our cup over­flows. Lit­er­al­ly. Our part of the count­ry was des­per­ate­ly dry. Over the past two years, we had a rain de­fi­cit of over 60 cen­ti­meters. In Ju­ly and Au­gust 2003, we got al­most no mea­sur­a­ble pre­cip­i­ta­tion. Tem­per­a­tures were ap­proach­ing 40C. Far­mers were start­ing the har­vest early in hopes of saving what they could from their sun blast­ed fields. Barge traf­fic was stop­ping due to low ri­ver le­vels. Then we got down on our knees and prayed for rain. Not just for show­ers, but hard, soak­ing, gul­ly wash­ers. Buck­ets of rain. Oceans of rain. Then it began. One morning after getting up, I looked at our rain gauge and couldn’t see the float­ing orange in­di­cat­or ring. It was in­vi­si­ble be­cause the gauge was ab­so­lute­ly full to the brim, over­flow­ing! This had ne­ver hap­pened be­fore, as long as we had lived in our cur­rent home. We got over 15 cen­ti­me­ters in three days, and it was still rain­ing at this writ­ing on August 31, 2003. God is good!

The Lord my Shepherd holds me
Within His tender care,
And with His flock He folds me,
No want shall find me there.
In pastures green He feeds me,
With plenty I am blest;
By quiet streams He leads me,
And makes me safely rest.

Whatever ill betides me,
He will restore and bless;
For His Name’s sake He guides me,
In paths of righteousness.
Thy rod and staff shall cheer me
In death’s dark vale and shade,
For Thou wilt then be near me;
I shall not be afraid.

My food Thou dost appoint me,
Supplied before my foes;
With oil Thou dost anoint me,
My cup of bliss o’erflows.
Thy goodness, Lord, shall guide me,
Thy mercy cheer my way;
A home Thou wilt provide me
Within Thy house always.