Words: Un­known au­thor, 3rd Cen­tu­ry (Φως ιλαρόν αγίας δόξης); trans­lat­ed from Greek to Eng­lish by , 1899. This trans­la­tion first ap­peared in Bridges’ Yat­ten­don Hymn­al (named af­ter his par­ish in Yat­ten­don, Berk­shire, Eng­land).

Music: Can­tique de Sim­é­on, , Pseaulmes cinq­uante de Da­vid, 1547; har­mo­ny by , 1551.

O gladsome light, O grace of our Creator’s face,
The eternal splendor wearing; celestial, holy blessed,
Our Savior Jesus Christ, joyful in Your appearing!

As fades the day’s last light we see the lamps of night,
Our common hymn outpouring, O God of might unknown,
You, the incarnate Son, and Spirit blessed adoring.

To You of right belongs all praise of holy songs,
O Son of God, life giver. You, therefore, O Most High,
The world does glorify and shall exalt forever.