Words: (521-597) (De­us Pa­ter Cre­den­ti­um); trans­lat­ed from La­tin to Eng­lish by , 1897.

Music: Aurelia, , in a Se­lect­ion of Psalms and Hymns, by C. Kem­ble, 1864.

O God, Thou art the Father
Of all that have believed;
From whom all hosts of angels
Have life and power received.
O God, Thou art the Maker
Of all created things,
The righteous Judge of judges,
Th’almighty King of kings.

High in the heavenly Zion
Thou reignest God adored;
And in the coming glory
Thou shalt be sovereign Lord.
Beyond our ken Thou shinest,
The everlasting Light;
Ineffable in loving,
Unthinkable in might.

Thou to the meek and lowly
Thy secrets dost unfold;
O God, Thou doest all things,
All things both new and old.
I walk secure and blessèd
In every clime or coast,
In name of God the Father,
And Son, and Holy Ghost.