Words: Ap­peared in Hymns Adapt­ed to Pub­lic Wors­hip, Col­lect­ed from Var­i­ous Au­thors, by S. Wool­mer (Ex­e­ter, Eng­land: 1801). In D. Sedg­wick’s marked co­py of John Do­bell’s New Se­lect­ion, 1806, the au­thor is giv­en as Jon­a­than Al­len; it is not known what au­thor­i­ty Sedg­wick used to at­trib­ute the lyr­ics to Allen. In la­ter hymn­als, the first and se­cond verse are some­times trans­posed.

Music: Un­ser Herr­scher, , 1680. Al­ter­nate tune:

Sinners, will you scorn the message
Sent in mercy from above?
Every sentence, O how tender!
Every line is full of love:
Listen to it, listen to it,
Every line is full of love.

Hear the heralds of the Gospel
News from Zion’s King proclaim:
“Pardon to each rebel sinner,
Free forgiveness in His Name”:
How important, how important,
“Free forgiveness in His Name.”

Tempted souls, they bring you succor;
Fearful hearts, they quell your fears,
And, with news of consolation,
Chase away the falling tears:
Tender heralds, tender heralds,
Chase away the falling tears.

False professors, groveling wordlings,
Callous hearers of the Word,
While the messengers address you,
Take the warnings they afford;
We entreat you, we entreat you,
Take the warnings they afford.

O ye angels, hovering round us,
Waiting spirits, speed your way;
Haste ye to the court of heaven,
Tidings bear without delay,
Rebel sinners, rebel sinners,
Glad the message will obey.